With the world becoming a global village, and with the movement of people and cargo from one continent to another, the idea of one contact is gaining greater importance. Thus, whether your role is to move products or manage logistics, you face a growing challenge: how to cut cost, without lowering quality. tranex Link Global courier is a global logistics service provider specializing in logistics and supplies solutions to individual and corporate clients throughout the world. The services offered include multimodal transport operations which entail consolidation, handling of full container loads, over dimensional cargo handling, airfreight, transport logistics, customs clearance, warehousing, courier services and the use of an independent container freight station i.e. COMPACT FREIGHT SYSTEMS. Through a large network of partners worldwide, tranex Link Global courier adds value by offering supplies support to its clients making it easy for the company to source for products globally on behalf of esteemed clients at very competitive prices. Technology Makes It Easier, but People Make the Difference It has never been easier to conduct business quickly and efficiently online, and we consider ourselves a leader in utilizing the latest technology to speed up the flow of information. With customized TMS (Transportation Management Systems) integration and applications like one-click inventory and product tracking systems, you'll have your shipment at your fingertips. Although we recognize the importance of harnessing the latest technology, we also know that a successful delivery hinges on the happiness and dedication of our employees. We have the most experienced, professional and friendly staff in the business - and we believe that makes all the difference when choosing a logistics provider.